Close Date

I need help with adding a close date to a form once an item has a Completed status a date and time stamp (that does not change ever) must be populated in a date field.


You could try following the step below to achieve this.

  1. Create a date field named Completed Date and configure to view only, it won’t be able to modify manually.

  2. Create updating values button with variable {{NOW}} to field Completed Date, it would update the time user click it.

  3. Create a field named “Hide Button” to determine the button created in step 2 should show up or not.
    Apply conditional formula like IF(A1.RAW!="",“No”,“Yes”), A1 is field Completed Date. It would return No when field A1 is filled.

  4. Apply conditional formatting to hide the button after field A1 had been filled with value.