Clone Entry (Including Images & Documents)

I have noticed that when selecting ‘clone entry’, the newly cloned entry doesn’t contain any of the images or documents that were in the original entry. Is there a way to include the images/documents as well? Or can Ragic be reconfigured so that there is a way to include the images/documents when cloning?

Thank you!

Daryl Christiansen

Hi Daryl,

Thank you for your message. Currently Ragic does not support cloning entries with the attached images and documents, but we’ll discuss with our developers if the feature can be added in the future. We will keep you updated on it!

Converting Records,

Try to Create a action button to convert the fields which you want to a new entry on the same sheet.

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Thank you for your replies. If the developers can create an additional clone tool (that would include documents and images) that would be very helpful for our team – since many of our entries are repeated. It would be greatly appreciated - anything that you can do to make this work. Thank you!