Clear filter when closing tab


Currently, when our users apply a custom filter to a list view (e.g. filter a column by value XYZ), this filter stays in effect even after closing the tab and reopening it later.

Two problems:

  1. We have a default view set on some tables. This view doesn’t get applied every time our users open a tab, because they did some filtering of their own previously and that filter is still in effect.

  2. We’re using custom URL action buttons on forms to open a filtered list view, e.g.{1000ZZZ}

This button works perfectly IF the user who clicks the button hasn’t previously applied any filters on tab XX. If they had any custom filters before clicking the button, the link filter doesn’t work because it applies the filter on top of whatever they already had in effect.

I hope I’m explaining myself well, but just to list out steps:

  1. Go to any list view, and filter some column by some value
  2. Close the tab / go to a different list view
  3. Go back to list view from 1 - the filter is still in effect and hasn’t been auto-cleared.

Please give us an option to auto-clear user’s custom filters when they close the tab. Thank you!


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