change Free version

our free trial has ended.
I have continued with the free version.
i would have liked to have kept the vendors and materials tab.
the training part may go away.
is this something that can still be changed?


In free version of Ragic you can have 3 custom sheet, so you can delete the ones that are no longer needed and remain 3 main custom ones you need.

Feel free to contact Ragic Support if you need further assistance.


I want to keep Leveranciers and materiaal in the version before the end of the free version.

The tab opleidingen can be deleted.

How to I get the old version of Leveranciers?


If you can now enter the design mode of the sheets, you can try to find the sheet version history and choose the version you wish to restore.

I deleted the Training sheet, but I don’t know which version to restore because I went back to the old template version.
Can you please help me?

I think this was the change.

I think I have the old version.
thanks for the help.

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