Certificate of knowledge on Ragic!

I have been a user of ragic for some time now and I was wondering if there is any way to certify my current knowledge on it.
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Currently, we do not provide a specific method for certifying one’s professional level in Ragic. Could you please provide further details on why you require this certification and what it would be used for?

Thank you!

It is needed for a job which requires knowledge on ragic. What would your suggestion be for me to prove somehow that I know how to use it?

Does your potential employer has any sort of test for you?
Personally I actually tested my potential colleagues by giving them sample requirements to build a sample system before even conducting interview with them.

Alternatively, you can build a sample Ragic system to show your potential employee, that you can actually build a Ragic system.

Afterall, an actual working example is more effective in showing you know you stuff and you can do it.

Hello - when you say that they require Ragic knowledge as an end-user, or as someone that needs to customize the database?

If you are referring to database configurations, etc., we use 2 techniques when considering candidates:

  1. Provide a list of 10 or so things that they must complete on an existing form, or new form. (i.e. add an address field with a formula that builds an address street + city + state + postal code).
  2. Provide them with access to a form that has known errors. Spelling mistakes, incorrect formulas, etc. Part of being proficient in Ragic configuration is being able to figure out why something isn’t working as intended.

I hope you found this helpful!


Angie Masini

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