Case In-Sensitive Key Field

I have a fairly large sheet of contacts. Thinking I’d be smart, I made the email address the key field - making it really easy to update fields en-mass without any complicated upfront logic.

Unfortunately, what I failed to realise is that the key field is case sensitive -and- email addresses are stored case sensitive into the field. Therefore, if I have a "" record, and I import "", I will have 2 separate records in the sheet.

I’m looking for a way to keep this simple.
–Ideally, I would make the key case in-sensitive. I would have a few hundred records to merge to make this happen, but I will have that in any case.
–Can I force a field to be lower case? It’s a slight change to the email address we store, but it would get around the issue.
–Alternatively, I could create another field like TOLOWERCASE(key field). Can I then make this new field the key field? Would I be able to handle renew uploads in the same way? Seems like a step in logic that Ragic may not have.
–Lastly, is there an option on import that ignores case? Perhaps not the cleanest approach (I could still get manually entered duplicates), but it would probably be the easiest option to use.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Hi Jane,

  1. You can just create a new field as the lowercase e-mail address using formula like this: TOLOWERCASE(A1)

You can create the field, and then recalculate formula for all records to fill this field with formula calculated values. You will be able to use any field as the key field, as long as they are the first field on your import Excel file.

  1. Currently there’s no ignore case option in imports, but the above method should work.

Thanks so much. Will give this a go.