Can you recover data in a 'User' field if you deleted that user?

We have a field in our database that lists the user who had a client interaction. A few users are no longer with us and we deleted them from the database, but this deleted the info in that database field (when the field listed the users deleted). This info is still relevant even if they are no longer with us.

Unfortunately, it took us a long time to notice this. Is there a way to recover that info? Is the data still there, just not visible? Can I retrieve it if I re-add the users?

In future, I will just create a name field not tied to users.



The Recycle Bin only shows sheets and forms that have been deleted.

Field History (right click on field value), will show the changes you made to a specific field’s design, but will not restore the data previously present.

Also, there is the entire Sheet History to consider.
Sheet and Field Version History (

But, as far as I know, this too won’t bring back the missing user data!

So, the only thing that will work, is a back-up of your data from a previous date! (not the entire Ragic system backup, but rather just a backup of the data).

Ragic Support may be able to help, if you do not have an existing backup.

Best wishes!


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If you just deleted the user record not long ago within the time of the listed auto backup in your database account, you can refer to this article to download the data as excel/csv file of that sheet from the auto backup. Please note that we don’t have any extra backups other than the available ones listed in your database account, you have to download it yourself before it’s overwritten by the new one.

And to remind you, it’s usually not suggested to “delete the user records”, if they are no longer with you, you can suspend them instead.

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A much belated thank you for the reply. I was out of luck this time because of how long it took me to notice the issue, but in the future, I will use ‘suspend’.