Can other people input into my database?

Hi! New user here. Can I/how do I allow other people to input into my database? I want to send a link or something to people so they can enter themselves into the database.


It’s good to see you! You could grand proper access rights to the users group which you want other people to input data.

If you want people to access your database and input data without log in, you could grand Everyone group to be Survey User, and share the sheet url to them.

Here’s a tutorial video, fyi.

Thanks! I am creating a database of mental health providers in my community. I want local providers to be able to go add their name and info; but I also want to be able to keep out people who don’t belong. Is there a way to make it so that people have to request access, or that their submission has to be approved by me, or something like that?


If like that, you could add them to be Internal User or External User. They would need to log in with the email account which you’ve list in User data.

The main difference between internal user and external user is that internal user would belong to your organization, external user might be clients, vendors, partners, freelancers or other people the people who are not in your organization. And there’s some access rights level difference, you could check out the link above to get more information.