Can I run the demo again...

I’ve just signed up to the free version and was being taken through a demo. I was asked to add a sheet which I did. I then got a box with a button saying next. I clicked on this and got an error message saying I need to do do something. It was something to do with having to have 2 fields (?) minimum. I clicked (presumably) OK to continue and it seems I’ve dropped out of the demo. Can I run it again.

OK I’ve found how to run it again but it still bombs out.
it’s in Creating a simple form. I click on + and then get a pop up with design new sheet. i enter name and click create. I get a black box with text from the demo along the lines of “this is where you can blah blah blah” . It has a next button in it. I also get a message which says says
you need at least two fields in any sheet”
I click OK and get returned to
I am now going round in circles…