Can I Paste Clipboard Contents to Data Field

Hello Support
I am looking at replicating a MS Excel application and I really want to be able to reproduce the MS Excel function of being able to paste clipboard contents into a sheet. Our customers do not want to have to make a screen snipping, create a folder, save the snipping, name the snipping and then upload the file.
Can I do this in Ragic?

Are you looking to paste text or pictures?

Hello Alaina
Our requirement is to be able to paste a snapshot from the screen, eg using the MS Windows Snipping Tool or Lightshot. I think that means it is an image ?
Kind regards

Yes, that’s correct.

I tried a few things and it didn’t work. It looks like this will need to be considered by the developers. They always seem to be adding and updating features, so it’s possible that they will consider adding this! It sounds useful, and our admin team would benefit from it as well.

Sorry for the late update, it’s supported now!

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Hello Amy
Thanks for getting back to me. I see that clipboard contents can be pasted to a text field and it is possible to open the saved image in a separate viewer, but the process for opening the image seems to be inconsistent, ie when the record is opened, single or double clicking the text field containing the image does not appear to open the image, but double clicking a text field elsewhere in the record then single clicking the field containing the pasted image then opens the image in the separate viewer.
Are you able to clarify the intended method of handling the image paste and view process?
Thanks and kindest regards, Kevin

We’ve just issued another update, this should be fixed now. Let me know if there are other changes that you would suggest.

Hello Jeff, Amy and the Ragic Team
Fantastic job. I really appreciate your efforts. Just about nailed it :smile:
Is there a simple way to save an image that has just been pasted into a text field, rather than having the user click on a different field, eg a keyboard shortcut?
Many thanks and kindest regards

Let me talk to our developers and see if the default context menu can be enabled. If it’s enabled then you should be able to do this.