Can I assign a field in pre-workflow?

Am using param.getNewValue(fieldId) to check content and have need to assign it. Was expecting there to be a ‘set’ equivalent (i.e. param.setNewValue()) but alas there isn’t. Is there a method or something that I’m missing to facilitate this assignment?

It’s a complex scenario, but basically the field I wish to assign is a reference to another sheet. It has a default but this doesn’t seem to apply if the other record doesn’t yet exist (but is created by the pre-workflow) when adding a new record. Ironically it errors saying invalid Reference field on initial save, but subsequent save works because the pre-workflow (that failed) created it. Screenshot attached of field in question.

Hi David,

Are you saying that the Reference field under Products sheet store the reference to another Sheet X, and Sheet X is created by the Pre-workflow of Products?

If that’s the case, maybe you need to consider generate the Sheet X in the Post-workflow. Pre-workflow by definition is the “checking or validating” process that ran before the record on Product is saved.
However, if your only intention is to add the Reference of Sheet X into Products, creating a new Sheet X entry after the new record on Products is saved first shouldn’t matter?

See if it make sense to fill in the reference to Sheet X after the record in Products is saved first, then you can make sure both records on Products and Sheet X exist when you add the value of the Reference on Products.

See if it helps.