Can I add and send a PDF copy of custom email I am sending (I mean not only a pdf of the record?)


I am new here - I hope someone can help me with this question:

I have created custom email and saved it as a template and I can send it from a specific entry by clicking an action button.

When I click the attach this record as PDF in the template options it attaches the entry as pdf and not the custome email as pdf.

Is there an option to also send the custom email as an attached PDF?
The goal is to “freeze” the custom email in order the be able to know what was the original content sent by custom email.



Would you mind elaborating more on this? Such like an use case so that we could forward the request based on it.


Sure - I will try to explain the use case:

My purchase orders are a bit complex and include detailed info about the products and additional terms and conditions etc.

When I send them to my supplier by email I am actually creating like an on-the-fly mini contract for each purchase order - but it is an email.

I would like to be able to automatically generate a PDF file from the dynamic email I created with the email template. This will allow me to save the copy of the mini contract in pdf (like freeze it).

Thank you for your help

after checking again - what I need is similar to using email merge template but the result is instead of WORD OR EXCEL you send it by PDF…


It’s not supported to mail merge to PDF at the moment. We’ve added you to the notify list and will keep you posted once the feature is released.

Can I also be added to the notify list? This would be amazing!

Sure, we would inform in this thread once it’s supported.