Can a user be signed into two devices at the same time?

Hi All,

Is it possible for the same user to be signed into two devices simultaneously?

For example, users at our company use Ragic mostly on their computers. Our inventory system is barcode-controlled, and we use Android-based scanners to move the items around. When users want to use their scanner, they’re forced to log into it and are automatically logged out of their computer. Due to company policy, we are required to use MFA to log in. Logging in and out of the same devices multiple times daily is very time-consuming.

Thank you for any help.


A user can only log in to one browser (such as Google Chrome on mobile devices, Firefox on computers, etc.) and one Ragic mobile app at the same time. When the limit is exceeded, the user will be logged out from the previously logged-in platform. For example, if you have logged in to Ragic on Chrome first and then logged in on Firefox, your Ragic account will be automatically logged out from Chrome after you have successfully logged in to Ragic on Firefox.