Calendar Sync Very Buggy!

I’m having issues with syncing a date on a sheet to the Calender. BST is an issue I think. Also how do you edit the sync once you have created it? Does it matter if the sync is from the form or the list view?

Any help appreciated please!


Are you referring to “this feature”? If yes, would you please submit a ticket through “Need Help” at upper right corner in your database => “Support Ticket” and provide below information for us to refer to?

1.Which calendar application you sync with
2.URL of the sheet you generate the iCal link from
3.A screenshot of the calendar sync configuration
4.Description of the issue you encounter with

Once you import this sync iCal url to your target application, any update from the source (Ragic) will be automatically synced to your target application, but it’s not immediately, the syncing frequency is depends on your target application, for example, Google calendar might fetch the data from Ragic once 3-10 hours.

How long is the “auto” sync from Ragic to Outlook Calendar?
Also, is there a way to force a sync?


It depends on Outlook Calendar, we don’t have the control of the sync time.
The best way to force the sync is to re-import the iCal url to your Outlook Canlendar.