Calculating the number of days between today and the date in a field

How do I autmoatically calculate the number of days between today’s date and the day in the last modified field?
I have tried “Today() - E3” and “TodayTZ() - E3” but get nothing in the field.


You may apply TODAYTZ()-E3 on a numeric field to get the result.

Please note that if you want to apply newly added formulas to existing records, you’ll need to manually trigger the formulas recalculation for the first time.

Doesnt work.
E3 is a date field - do I need to format it in some way to make the calculation produce a number?


Please share a screenshot of your form design for us to refer to.


We’ll need to have the screenshot of the design mode in order to know your field settings and the formulas configuration.

The formulas in case sensitive, so it should be written as “TODAYTZ()”.

This just does not seem to update. When I come back to a record the calculation is days old. Why won’t it recalculate?


Please apply daily recalculation to have the formulas calculated on daily basis.

Can I test it - or do I have to wait for the job schedule to run?
The path to my database looks nothing like this.


Sure, you may access the Job Schedule and trigger the daily workflow to test.