calculated field used in a subtable

Hi there,

Can you please confirm this ? :

In a main (linked) page I have a calculated field (or cell) : the age of the person. If I want to bring this value into a subtable, it doesn’t seem to work so that I need to bring the birthday date in the subtable and recalculate the age there…

Am I wrong ?

Thank you


To better understand your situation, could you please provide us with detailed descriptions of your ideal workflow, what’s not working correctly currently, and related screenshots or video recordings for us to refer to first?

Hi Fabio,
I was wrong! calculated fields are brought into the subtable like others.
The point that I still do not understand is how do you manage to make a modification in the main page appear immediately in the subtable without the need of (reloading) re-selecting the record from subtable?


Are you referring to syncing values when using link and load? If so, please refer to this document.
If it is not related to link and load sync, could you please describe your current ideal workflow, what’s not working correctly, and attach some related screenshots for me to refer to?

Hi Royd,

See if what you want to do is as follow:

If you are doing the editing on the Main page, when you set the subtable field formula as the “Calculated field” on the main page. it should set the value on the subtable to the same value.