Button with two functions + Button that acts like a tool (pop up and fields to fill out)


I appreciate the ability to combine two buttons in order make two things happen at once with one click, but I was wondering if it is possible to either hide the two buttons (leaving only the combo button) or create the ability to make a single button that does two things?
One of the ones I’d like is one that updates a value on the current sheet as well as on another sheet. It would still need to be two functions as it would be subtracting from one sheet and adding to the other, as a way of transferring inventory.
The other button would update a value on the current sheet and also convert the record to another sheet afterwards.

My other question is about making the update value button work in the same way as the mass update tool works in the list view.
The current set up: put the value in a field, save, click the update button, click ok.
What my boss would like is: click the update button, pop up opens where you can add the values that will change the two sheets. It would need to subtract from current sheet and add to another.
This may be more steps than my version, but she worries that people will forget to click the button after adding the value.

Let me know if you need more info to answer these!

Hi Alaina,

Sorry for the late reply, I seemed to have missed this post.

  1. I will talk to our developers about button hiding. This should not be too difficult.
  2. The second one is a little more complicated, I will need to discuss this with our team first.


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Hi Alaina,

I’m not very sure about the purpose of the second feature. Could you let me know a bit more about the purpose of that one? If we understand the purpose, we might be able to come up with a different design that’s easier for us to build.

She would like it to operate in the same way the “mass update” tool operates.


When you click on “mass update” in the tools menu, a pop up appears. She wants the desired button to operate like this, where she can update a field on the current sheet as well as a field on another sheet by selecting the fields and filling in the values. (It will subtract the value from one sheet while adding it to the other. So it will be performing two functions.) I believe she wants it to operate in this way because she feels it will prevent potential errors. My method requires you to put the value in a field, click save, and then click the update button. I believe she is concerned that the operator may forget to click the update button, thus not performing the function. However, in order for her method to fully prevent error, the functions need to already be in place when I create this button (add to 2018 points field, subtract from 2019 points field.)

On the far right is the field where they will add the amount of points to move. It will be added to the points to manage field on the current sheet, and subtracted from the same field on the 2019 sheets (2017 is for testing purposes.)

We have inventory that may be placed in the 2019 tab, but can be used in 2018. When this happens, we move it from one to the other to keep track of when it was sold.

Hi Alaina,

For hiding the action button, you may navigate to design mode > Form Settings > Actions.
Then, you’ll be able to see “Hide this action button”

Please click on the action button you would like to hide, check the box, and click on “Save Changes”.

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Thank you so much!! This is awesome!