Button to Clear Subtable Entries

I have a design where I use a subtable to calculate total CBM and GW from individual box sizes. I am trying to program an action button to quickly clear all the values of the calculator (subtable). I tried to use an update values button with empty values, but this just adds a new entry in the subtable with empty values instead of overwriting the existing ones.

I guess I need the button to actually delete all entries in the subtable. How can I accomplish this with a button?

I actually have another question related to the question above. For a subtable that has no external child/parent sheet, how can I show the red delete button at the left of each subtable row? There doesn’t seem to be any manual way for me to delete entries.

Screenshot 2024-06-26 at 4.10.08 AM

Hi Pax,

Did you try turn on the option for “Update all subtable records”?
The default setting is “Create a new subtable record.” I believe.

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You need to have at least a field that is NOT Read Only to do so I believe, to prevent the user without authorization to edit to delete that record. You can always add a irrelevant field at the end to make it editable if all the other ones are read-only. Not an elegant solution, but it will work.




This worked. Thank you!

Some of the fields are editable, and some are read only. I also have another subtable on the same sheet that has all editiable fields. Neither subtable shows the delete row button. I also added an auto generate field to the subtable (like the one you have above) and I still don’t see a delete row button. There must be another way to activate that.

UPDATE: I just asked perplexity.ai and it gave the precise answer right away. From now on, I am going to ask AI first whenever I have any Ragic design questions lol :stuck_out_tongue:

For those who want to know how to do it, you need to make the subtables deletable from the Form Settings for the sheet. See below:

In fact, I did know how to do this at one time, but completely forgot. I really wish I had the knowledge and memory retention of these AI models.

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Thanks for the update. The default is deletable I suppose.
Like you said, you knew how to do it at one time.