Bug with "Update Value on Another Sheet" with negatives

Since yesterday my account balance is being converted to positive.


This is an account with its current balance which is negative.

Then on another sheet I load that account with a negative balance and do a calculation with “Update value in another sheet”

What it does is take “Monto” and add it to the account balance. If “Monto” is negative as well, it bugs out.

The macro somehow turns my negative account balance to a positive number.

I have over a year with this sheet without editing the formulas, it has always performed well with the (-)+(-) calculations.

Please help.

Please submit a ticket through “Need Help” at upper right corner in your database > “Support Ticket”, fill up the form with url of the sheet / record you have this issue with , steps to reproduce the issue and screenshots, so we can look into your database after receiving the ticket.


Ok done

Developers fixed the issue.
Thank you, Ragic team!