BUG - Auto Update on Other Sheets!

Hi there,

I just noticed something strange when I was making some changes and thought I better let you know, looks like a little bit of a bug/error to me…

I guess it is a new feature, and this must just be one of those “teething” issues!

I was updating a few sheets “link from another sheet” fields. What I did was create a new updated version of a duplicate sheet first, then when I went into the form in which the “link from another sheet” field was present, to change the link and load to the “new” sheet, see if you follow me here, after which, I then checked a duplicate sheet of the form that I was now making this link and load change to (another duplicate sheet mind you), just to make sure that the changes were made there too ( even though I got one of those new pop up windows that notifies me that the update had been made to the duplicate of that sheet too), and well, I noticed that an update had been made, but it was in error. You see, it changed the file being linked to the new linked field ( as I can only now link to ref# unique id), as I had change this too, when I had changed which sheet it was being linked from/to. However, it did not change which sheet as well. Very strange!

So guys, I had to manually go into the sheet in question, that should have been updated too, like the pop up window said, and change which sheet. As I said, all it did was change the field being linked to, that change, not the sheet as well, like it should have!

So I suggest you look into this. I have changed it myself in my DB. But if you like you can have a look at my account /househunters . I was changing everything under my ACTIVITIES tab in that fashion, updating the link “link from another sheet” fields to a new Company Agents sheet, found under my ABOUT US tab.

Best Regards as usual,