Birthdays and other recurring dates - how to look up?

I am quite sure this is basic, but I’ve looked for several days and can’t figure it out. How can I get a look up to work with a recurring date? For instance, I have a birthdate field. I have added a birthday field that copies the birthdate and changes it to a recurring day. When I try to use the search queries for the birthday field, the filters show empty - even though there are birthdays in the date range. What am I missing?

Hi there,

Ragic currently does not support query with recurring date fields, but we have reported this issue to our developer and we’ll keep you updated on it.
In the meantime, you can create a new field in your sheet (let’s call it “Birth Month”), then apply the MONTH() formula, which will return only the month value of the recurring date field. This will allow you to query entries according to a given month.

Thank you for suggesting the work-around. Would love to see this feature implemented, but what you have described should help me for now. Thank you!