Better Access Rights Panel for System Admin

Hi Ragic,

I want to request global access rights to have the “no edit” or “no create” options, so we don’t have to go to the individual sheet and group the sheet by SheetTab and MenuTab (it currently only group by SheetTab).

After we have 30+ sheets, it becomes tough to keep track of the access we granted as we looked at the global access panel and could see only sheet access but not the additionally setting like no edit or no create. The main problem is a sheet used as a pop-up list on another sheet which we force to give access to the user who needs to see the pop-up list, which confuses them when they see the multiple sheets that they are not required to do anything instead of seeing only the pop-up list from the sheet they have access to. Anyway, that is how Ragic is. We want to make sure we limit their access to view only (set No edit and No create) for the group user assigned to the specific entries, so it will be extremely helpful to do it from the global access rights.

Thank you!


I’ve forwarded your feature request to our team and will notify you once it’s supported!