"Automatically run when saved" sometimes fail

Is there any report about macros with “automatically run when saved” failing sometimes?
Specially with “Update value on another shee” when applied to various items.


I’m afraid there’s no such a summary report at the moment. Would you mind sharing a failed example via support ticket so that we could investigate why it failed?

I think I have found my problem.
I have an invoice sheet in which I have a “run balance” command that triggers “Automatically run when saved”. This command takes a subtable’s items and amounts and reduces the inventory. This works well.

But lately I made another sheet called presales. I made a “convert to another sheet” command to make a presale into invoice. What it does is take the client name, the subtable’s items and amounts and convert it to an invoice.

The problem is that after converting, it does not trigger the “run balance” on the inventory. I have to edit anything on the invoice sheet and then “save” for it to trigger the command.


Automatically run update values on another sheet button would be triggered only when clicking save.
If you need update values on another sheet and convert records run simultaneously, maybe combine buttons could help.


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