Automatically remove a conditional formatted field from reports

Hi Yah,

I have a column in one of our tables which is a simple Job Open Job Closed option. What I’d like to be able to do is when the selection of Job Closed is done by the admin, I’d like for all fields relating to that entry to be removed from our reports.

Basically the reports let management and sales see the production flow of the factory etc The problem is just now when one job is switched from open to closed, the data still remains in the generated reports. When I apply conditional formatting to the column…whatever data I choose to “hide” is only hidden in the table itself not the reports.

Is this possible ?


You may create a shared views to filter entries with “Job Open” status. Then, apply the saved shared view in your report. (Remembe to save the report agian!)

Hi Yah Angie
Thank You - so cool :slight_smile: