Automatically populate several subtable rows

Hello all,

I am trying to use the Update Value button for populating several new subtable records at once.

My case use is a form for handling deliveries, where a subtable lists all the documents needed for such delivery, as a sort of checklist.

My goal is when hitting the button several subtable records should be created, each with a different value in the Document type field. i.e. a delivery checklist would include:

  • pertaining purchase order
  • pertaining sale order
  • pertaining purchase invoice
  • pertaining sale invoice
  • pertaining certificate of origin
  • pertaining bill of lading

Each of these values should be automatically populated in a new subtable record (within the same subtable) so that checklist would be done automatically and no document check forgotten.

Currently, when I create an Update Value button and I list there multiple occurrences of the same subtable field, with multiple values, only the last one gets saved in the button action.



In your case, you should use “convert record” action button instead.

You will first need to create new sheet from your subtable, and you can then set up convert record action button to convert subtable records to the new sheet (creating subtable records).
When generating new sheet from subtable, you will need to select a key value of the source sheet to decide how the subtable records and source record is connected, so that when using convert record action button, you will also need to set up to convert this key value together that the converted new records will be shown in the same subtable as well.

Hi Amy,
thank you. That is not really quick for the purpose, but thanks for the hint.