Automatic Update for Subtable to New Sheet


I have set up a new sheet from a subtable for my current subtable entries. If users add a new subtable entry on the original sheet, does this automatically create a new entry on the new sheet? Or does the new sheet have to be manually refreshed? If so, how is this done?



It will populate in the new sheet automatically upon saving.

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I’m having a mostly similar issue. Adding data to a subtable will update the New Sheet from Subtable but the parent data does not update until I open Change Design and then exit. Have to do it on both the List view and the Form view of the New Sheet from Subtable.


Would you mind submitting a support ticket by clicking “Need Help” > “Support Ticket” > fill out the form with detailed information (sheet url, steps, and screenshot) > click “Grant access to Ragic support team” so we can have a closer look.