Automatic task's list template generated once a service is sold

We sell aesthetics medical services. We would like to generate automatically a list os tasks every time we sell our treatments. Every treatment should have it’s own list os tasks. Let’s say that someone order a botox treatment. It means that we need to generate a for example 3 appointments with the doctor, the first one 30 minutes, the second and third only 15 minutes (every appointment must be generated and after its generation the recepcionist must schedule it in a calendar), send an email to some employer to check if we have the product. Could it be possible to be done with Ragic?

If you can accept create “treatment tasks” for each treatment at one time.
One potential way is to create a “template” for each treatment to be sold using No-Code function can be something like this:

Name: Treatment Botox
Subtable: Tasks
#1 | 30 mins
#2 | 15 mins
#3 | 15 mins

Create a “convert” to record Action that use this template and convert into an “actual” sales record for that treatment.

Customer Name: OOOO
Name: Treatment Botox
Subtable: Tasks
#1 | 30 mins | yyyy/dd/mm <-------- date field to be scheduled by receptionist.
#2 | 15 mins | yyyy/dd/mm
#3 | 15 mins | yyyy/dd/mm

As to sending an email to check for stock.
You can probably create a field with the receptionist’s user account or Email, so that a notification is sent once the record is created.