Automate - Dream Property Finder

I need to effectively automate a Dream property Finder
The first, a script that will filter all “available listings” selecting those that meet new sign-up’s (persons to sign up to our Dream Property Finder) requirements! And then sends the new “Property Short-list” to the email address given.>>>>>>>>For when the person initially signs up!
The second script, then checks/takes every new listings and check it against all Dream Property Finder subscriber requirements……………and sends to those that MATCH!
See the demo version of the database at
Dream Property Finder (Mailing List) Sign-up
Dream Property Finder (Mailing List) Reviewer
Listings (Admin View)
I have no idea how to even start to do this! Should get a quote from Ragic or an external developer to do this for me?
What do you suggest guys?

This Ragic database design is also hosted else ware, and is predominantly used by me in a practical commercial instance, for a Real Estate Agency, and was originally designed for that purpose.

I am updating this post at this time, as we have decided to use a “Dream Property Finder” that came with a new WordPress theme that we recently upgraded to, for the company website. We found this the best possible solution for the above mentioned “Dream Property Finder” requirement.

As such, our Ragic database as well as the above mentioned demo, at this time, will not be requiring in inclusion of the “Dream Property Finder” feature…

However, if this changes, I will be sure to update this post!

Thank you for your interest, and a special thanks to those that responded!

Best regards to all!