Autofill Address Field with google maps info

In order to save time and increase accuracy, there should be a way to choose whether to let google maps autofill an address field. This helps when an inbound lead is being entered during a telephone call etc.

Do you mean an auto-complete, or drag a pin on the map to create an address?

It would be very helpful if an address field could be automatically populated on the mobile app, based on the phone’s location services. This would greatly streamline the process of recording locations while in the field. Even just being able to drop a pin on a map to select an address in the mobile app would be a huge benefit!

OK, I will let our mobile app developers know about this suggestion! Thanks!

It would be good to have both.

Hi just wondering what’s the update for this request? Is the feature for autofill device location on the Ragic mobile app implemented yet?