Auto Search & Email Feature

Hi there,

I have started some time ago on a Prperty Finder for my Ragic Real Estate DB, however it was canned at the time as we were able to get such feature from a new website theme that we had updated to!

Now I would like to develop this feature as other people may be using my database, soon!

Basically, the new feature could be used in a variety of different cases and ways and would therefore appeal to many of my fellow Ragic users as well!

In my instance I would like to keep a list of subscribers to my Property Finder in a given sheet called Property Finder Subscribers for instance!

Then, I would like to setup this “new feature” on the sheet if and when it becomes available.

The “Auto Search & Email” would pertain to whatever record I wish on the subscriber list, then search periodically whatever sheet I have pre-select, and filter the data as per the requirements entered by subscribers and stored in the property Finder Subscribers sheet, then email the list back to the subscriber, as often as specified!

Alternately, with an additional setting/s; it could email the subscriber each time there is a new Listing that matches their requirements.

I guess as you can imagine, we could use these two features in tandem arrangements, for instance it could first send them all suitable, then from then on send them all new listings that match their criteria, for example.

(I know, I was looking into this I could maybe add the subscribers to an x-user group myself and they would receive new Listing notification, however i would have to create a new sheet that matched their search criteria, that would be like I said a new x-user, and a new sheet with new filtering for every new subscriber, not very automatic, still very intensive, sure you will agree, so I only did this
“manually” until I got my hands on the new theme).

Thanks for the ongoing support, it has been a blast using Ragic!


Hi Kane,

Thank you for your feedback. In regards to the periodic filtering and automatic filtering functionality, if you have already set up the filter conditions in the sheet, you can designate them as Shared View. Whenever you access the form, you can use the left sidebar to apply these views and narrow down the data accordingly. Once the data is filtered, you can utilize the “Send Custom E-mail” action button to send notification emails or use the “Batch Execute” feature for bulk email sending.

We understand your desire for full automation, but achieving this particular requirement would necessitate custom code, such as JavaScript, to automate the process. It is important to note that the system cannot ascertain your specific filtering criteria, so manual execution of conditions and actions is still required. Ragic is a database software, and the subsequent analysis and utilization rely on user input. We greatly appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Best Regards,