Auto Save Prevent Image From Being Displayed


Whenever, you have an image on a form and you enable auto save, the image does not display. If you disable auto save, the image displays correctly.

I have tested it repeatedly and always get the same result. If you do get a different result, then it must be in conjunction with something else e.g image, auto save and something unknown.

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Hi Daleen,

Are you referring to “Image Upload” field? If so, would you mind to share the version of your operating system and browser so that we could test under your working environment? :slight_smile:


Hi Angie,

Yes, the image upload field. I will attach two screen shots to explain. It is not a major train smash, but still inconvenient.

To answer you question, Windows 7, (100% up to date) and the latest version of Firefox. I have also tried it with all add-ons disabled.

I went one further and tried it in Chrome (latest version) as well. Same result.

If I switch on auto save the image on the form is not displayed. If I turn auto save off, the image on the form is displayed. Strange bug, because the two is obviously not related. I have however, also experienced other strange behaviors with auto save. I will try and recreate that as well.

Auto Save ON


Auto Save OFF


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For this issue, as we’re unable to reproduce the issue here, would you mind to send us a ticket, by clicking on the “Need Help?” at the upper right corner of your database and filling the form, and share the sheet name that you have this issue so that we could test?


Hi Angie,

I have changed my form outlay to get past the bug. So it won’t help to share the sheet.

In the meantime I have done some testing on my side to recreate the error. Add an image upload on any form. Select to hide the Image Field Header. Toggle Auto Save to True. The image will not display. I were able to reproduce the error every time.

Two ways to “fix” the error:

  1. If you toggle Auto Save to False, the image will display, even if the image Field Header is selected.
  2. If you deselect Hide Field Header, the image will display again, even if Auto Save is True.

In short, you currently have to choose, between hiding the image field header or auto saving on any form.

Hope that helps.:thinking:

Kind Regards


Hi Daleen,

I see what you mean. The issue should result from the feature of hiding the field header of the image upload field. I’ll report this issue to our developers and keep you posted once it’s fixed. :slight_smile:


Hi Daleen,

We have just applied a fix on this issue that you reported. You can test it out and see if they are working as expected now.


Hi Angie,

Great Stuff! It works perfectly now.

Thank you for the feedback.

Kind Regards