Auto Save Issues

Has anyone else experienced issues using autosave?

Issue 1: AUTOSAVE ON When users are in a record the page jumps constantly (happens more the more users are logged in), Hitting tab in a Subtable will move you to the top of the page rather than to the next field, AutoSave saves every 20 seconds whether you make a change on the page or not, which if you are in a field when it saves will delete the text you are typing.

Issue 2: AUTOSAVE OFF. Page still jumps, but not caused by auto-save, and does not happen as frequently but does still happen.

Issue 3: AUTOSAVE OFF: The pop up warning to keep 2 users from editing the same record does not always work, causing data loss.

Please let me know if you have had this experience and what you did to correct the issue. We have been dealing with this since Feb 2, with no suggestions that have helped from tech support.

Thanks for any suggestions.