Auto Generate Deadlines based on Value or Text in Field

Is there a way to create an auto generated field based on text or a value from another field?

For example, my Ragic database has a field called “Priority.” If the text “High” is entered or selected in the “Priority” field, then I would like a secondary field called “Deadline” to auto generate a date 20 days from the date the entry is created.

If there is a formula for this, then I would like to apply it to the other text/values within the Priority field, i.e., if “High” then “Deadline” date is 20 days, if “Medium” then “Deadline” date is 30 days, if “Deadline” then “Target” date is 60 days from the date of the entry.



If you have a date field using default value $DATE to get entry created date, you could try following the step below.

  1. Add a numeric field A2 and assign conditional formula IFS(A1.RAW=“High”,20,A1.RAW='Medium",30) to this field. (field A1 is Priority for instance)
  2. Created a new date field Deadline, assign a formula to calculate field entry created date plus field A2, it would get a deadline refer to field Priority.