Auto-convert text to clickable phone #s?

Hello everyone!
I am wondering if there is a way to auto-convert phone numbers entered in plain text format to clickable links? There may be a way to do this with BBCode I think but it would be nice if the text in a certain format could be auto-detected and auto-converted to clickable phone # link that when clicked would open the default application on the computer (or on a phone) and start dialing the #.

If there is no direct way of doing this, is there any workaround? Manually doing this to each # is not an option for me as I have hundreds / thousands of phone numbers🙂.

Thanks in advance for any help! I am sure many others in the community would love to know a solution!

Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 10.16.49 AM


Have you tried the Phone field? This would allow the field value to turn into links automatically.

Thanks but yes I know the phone field. In fact I make use of it in the sheet, whose screenshot you see in my original post. But if you see the screenshot, your suggestion doesn’t apply… It’s a text field with MULTIPLE phone numbers. These are numbers copied from elsewhere and then pasted into the Research Notes field shown in the screenshot.

Depends on if considerable amount of the data input in the “Research Notes” field are like these Name and phone numbers. Since you are asking, so I suppose there are considerable occurences that make you want to do so.

It will probably be better in terms of data structure and long term searchability if you can put these highly structured and frequently reappearing data into some kind of Contact subtable.
You can search and maintain them easily and you can also use Phone fields.

In our old systems, there were insuffient fields and users frequently enter loads of contact name and number in the Remark field. And it is very hard to maintain and search.

Hello Jeremy, thanks for the reply and suggestion. In my particular use-case scenario I am not concerned with searcheablitiy and structure but otherwise yes, I understand your suggestion but still this is more about “clickability” than anything else. For example, pretty much systemwide in MacOS, I can click on a phone number and the bulit-in data detectors enable it to be recognized as a phone number, resulting in my ability to simply click to dial (makes life so much easier!). To give you some background : the numbers in the Research Notes field are copied en-masse, researched from elsewhere online, they are then called one by one in an effort to locate the person (I work as an unclaimed property investigator). Most of the phone numbers are found to be either disconnected, invalid, terminated etc. As soon as I locate the intended person, after that yes, I copy that particular number to a field which I have formatted for a phone number. So if you see my use-case scenario, it would be overkill to insert each and every one of those researched numbers into a phone field (which itself is going to be a task!).

Do you know if there is any way (with plug-in or even a third party service) to detect the numbers in the Research Notes field and turn them into click-to-call phone numbers? That would be magnificient! Right now, it’s tedious because my caller has to copy each number, paste into Skype and dial.


A potential way is to have a post-workflow to scan the content in the Research Notes, and then add the necessary BB Codes to make it clickable.
Or better yet, just extract them to be put into subtable where you can track whether you have called these leads.

I am open to the idea of a post-workflow scanning… I am all ears :grinning: Can you be more specific? Do you know any websites etc. that enables this? About a year or so ago, I had come across some Chrome extension that essentially turned any formatted phone #s on the viewing, editable text content page, into clickable links that would open a default phoning app (Skype or other…) but alas that extension was never maintained well / the developer had essentially abandoned it :pensive: I was out of luck!

Actually I meant you can write a custom Javascipt Post Workflow and put it on Ragic.
It can extract the number into the subtable. But you will need to write Javascript functions do achieve this kind of customization.

It might look something like this.

Thanks for the suggestion Jeremy. Will def. look into it!