Arrange order of pictures in multi-image upload field

Is it possible to arrange the order of the images that are placed in to a multi-image upload field? I would like them to be in a certain order and then to be able to export them in the same order.

Thank you for any help.

Hi, currently setting the order of uploaded images manually is not supported. The order of images in multi-image upload field is follow the order that files were uploaded, if you upload the file at the same time, it would follow the file sort order. You might manage it by upload files in order or using different fields to control.

Hi there. When you say the file sort order do you mean alphabetically, A-Z? These images were all uploaded in bulk through a mass file upload but I haven’t had chance to check the original file names to see if that is what happened.

Do you have an example of how to use another field to control the order please? It sounds like that may create a little too much work overhead but keen to see how it would be done just in case it is suitable and if it would keep that order for the export.

The sort order I mentioned above only occurs while uploading manually in form fields. When upload mass file, the system would take another order automatically which is not related to filename.

Using other fields to control is just add more field and upload images one by one, it would be a lot of work if you have many images.

We will discuss this and notify you once this feature is supported.

Do you know what actually controls the order or what sort order is used in Ragic at the moment?

If I drop 5 images at once in to a multi-images field on a different (non-Ragic) system we use then they tend to go in alphabetically.

The order in Ragic seems to be random. Obviously if I want to drop 10 pictures at once in to a record then this is a bit of a problem as I can’t then re-sort them afterwards as discussed previously so I am reduced to dropping them in one at a time.

After check with developer, it is random. Under my testing, sometimes the order follows the filename A-Z, the other times might follow the file update date or else.

I’ve forwarded this to our team to discuss, and add you to the list of people to be notified once it’s supported.

Pretty cool feature guys I will probably be utilizing such myself!