Archiving old customer activity within the client file

It sure would be great to be able to archive old customer activity within the client’s Ragic file. I have clients who have been with me for several years, and their dated support notifications number in the hundreds. I would live to be able to archive history by the year so I don’t have to scroll through all this old history to be able to add a new notation for today’s notes.


To Archive old entries, you may refer to this article.

No, I do not want to archive the clients. I already use a “fixed filter” to view only active clients. I want to archive data within the client’s file. I have “service date” and “service notes” that are 2-4 years old, and I only need to see the current year info, but I don’t want to delete the old historical notes because I may need them at some point in the future. I am asking you to recommend to your developers that they add this feature to the service.


Oh…I see. you mean that you want to archive some of the old entries in the subtables, right?
In that case, I would suggest applying default filter in the subtables. For example, you may create a filter based on date field as below:

Once you submit, re-click on the drop-down menu and click on “Save filter as default”.