Good day. I need some guidance on archiving within Ragic.

I am aware of the auto archive function but that requires ONLY a date as guideline. We have clients with various different contract periods so I cannot set only a date as parameter for archiving on the assets as this would overlap with other client’s asset periods. There are multiple other scenarios on our database that also prevents us from using a date as a single archiving parameter which is a bit to complex and involved to explain herein. So, is there any other way in which I can archive only specific records? I’ve gone through all the Ragic materials a few times but cannot find any other archiving details, so please assist.

Also, when archiving the records, is a full restore the only way in which these records can be found again or is there another way in which one can search for them in an archiving database?

Regarding using date as the parameter for archiving, if you have other conditions that determines whether the entry is suitable for archiving. A workaround will be making a new Conditional Archiving Date field. You can incorporate whatever the conditions you have on whether the condition is met before inserting the archiving date with formula, if the condition is not met, you do not insert the date for archiving.

e.g. UPDATEIF( ConditionA, TODAY())

If your entry will be updated by the user manually or through some action button before the archiving condition is met, these in-field formula would be sufficient to reflect the change.
However, if your condition is only time based and user will not do any action on the entry, then you will probably need a Daily Workflow to check for entries that met the Time condition regularly and change the Conditional Archiving Date.

Thank you, I’ll see if I can make something work with your suggestions above.