[Approval Workflow] Ways to insert more than 2 new approvers at the same time to the approval process

Currently, there are “create” and “cancel” function under the approval workflow.
Although on the regular UI there’s options to add approver in front or after by the current approver.
In the Javascript workflow API references, there’s no equivalent function to use.

The reason that I am trying to explore this option is that I encountered a situation where a manager wants additional opinions from 2 or more consultants. But only a single approver can be added in front at a time, and then the “current approver” switched to that new person. However, the manager actual want to add 2 person at the same time.

For example,

#1 Maker: approved
#2 Checker: approved
#3 Manager (current approver)

Because it usually isn’t necessary to have Consultant participating in this approval process. However, when it is necessary to ask Conslutants for their opinion before the manager approve it. Manager needs to add 2 consultant to the approval process before the manager approves it.

Currently, when #3 Manager want to add two additional person say “Consultant #1” and “Consultant #2”, only 1 user can be selected, so immediately after the Manager confirm adding one user (e.g. Consultant #1), the manager can no longer add another user since the “current approver” shift to Consultant #1. The manager cannot do anything until Consultant #1 finished the approval before the Manager can add Consultant #2.

#1 Maker: approved
#2 Checker: approved
#3 Consultant 1: (current approver)
#4 Manager

Please see if it’s possible to either:
Option 1) Add 2 or more Approver in front in the UI.
Option 2) Allow the user to be added through Javascript function. Since that the function already exist in the UI. I suppose it only need to be disclosed for outside developers to use it?

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the advice, we will pass this message to our developers for further evaluation.
Thank you!

You can add multiple approvers for a single step with setting up a threshold.

For example for the stage “Consultant”, you can add 2 or 3 different persons as approvers and set a approval threshold of 1 or 2 persons, which means this stage will get approved if 2 out of 3 persons assigned to this stage, approve the request.

When you select a person for this stage, on the right side there will be a options button (right next to the name) and click it to add approver in this step. You can add as many as needed with specific names. After that click the same options button and set up a threshold how many of those persons need to approve it so it will pass.

I hope this helps.

Hi Bojan

Thanks for the suggestion.
That’s an interesting idea for work around.

I guess it only works when you choose “add approver in this step” instead of “add new step before this step”. I didn’t have the options by the approver during the approval process to set a threshold though (only saw that in design view).
I don’t actually need to set threshold I think, since that all approvers must perform approval.

Hi Jeremy,

Just need to clarify that in your case, the Add approvers in this step feature can help users set up multiple approvers at one time and it’s not required to approve respectively. Is there anything that I’m missing in your request?

Sorry, I was not clear enough earlier.
What we intended to achieve is for the manager to:
Add a new step before this step.” and NOT “add approvers in this step”, since that it has different meaning. The manager would conduct approval only after Consultants that was added finish approval.
However, when the manager select “Add a new step before this step”, only ONE user can be added.
And the manager can no longer add another user to this NEW step. Since it’s now the turn of the added user.

Got it, will pass this to our developers.

The previous message was just to confirm whether the feature “Add approvers in this step” can fit in your scenario since it allows multiple approvers to be added, can also allow user to wait for other users’ approvals before approving and edit approves during the pending stage.


Adding multiple approvers before this step will be added into our developing projects, will keep you notify once we have updates.

Thank you

Thank you.