Approval Username - Remains after approval complete

Good Day,

I’m trying to identify a cell where it will remain the users who’s approved an action in Ragic, tried several options in the approvals Formula such as:


But these will show the approval names during the approval process and will be disappear after approval is completed. is there a way to show who has approved (“Even Deputy”) as a final result of the process?

Note: I’m using the “Set a threshold for approval.


I think the closest formula is APPROVAL.STEP([stepIndex]).SIGNEDUSERS().
This formula returns the approved users in a certain step. In stepIndex, please enter the last step number of your approval flow.

Dear @fabio

Thank you for your support, I’ve tried this instructions provided, the issue with it, that it will reflect all names as “Approvals” and it doesn’t show the actual approved person names.

Any further suggestions?


To better understand your ideal approval workflow, could you please describe your complete working process, what’s not working correctly, the ideal result, and some data examples for us to refer to?

Dear @fabio

Can we have a meet through google for this ?


I would suggest submitting a support ticket and providing us with all the related details so our support team can fully understand your approval formula problem.