Apply This Formula - Confirm before execution

Happy New Year!

I would like to request for there to be a confirmation step for the following button:
Apply all formulas on this sheet to all saved records

The reason for this is because I have had other users who also have SYSAdmin access use it by mistake and it messed up many records. The way some of our sheets are set up, it will mess up some past records to do this.

If it’s possible for this to be optional, I’m sure that would be good for those users who do not need this. I know for me, I wouldn’t want/need it for the “Apply this formula to all saved records”, and would like to be able to turn it off for my system.

As always, thank you for your time and consideration!

Hi Alaina,

Happy New Year!

May I ask in which case you do not want the formulas to be recalculated on the saved records? Is it because you have changed the formulas or you sometimes manually enter the value without taking the result retrieved by formula?
The reason I’m trying to figure the case is that even though the “apply formulas recalculation on all saved records” function is removed, the formulas can still be executed recalculation when the records are edited any way. If you sometimes need to manually enter the value to the field that is assigned with formulas, and do not want it to be recalculated, you should use default value and interpret as formulas instead:

Thank you!

I am referring to a sheet from subtable and its link and load fields, where the main sheet might be edited, but this record won’t be affected unless someone reloads the vendor into that record or if someone uses that button in design mode.
Yes, there are also times where someone might override a formula field on the sheet from subtable record, and we definitely would not want this to be affected either. In this case, they just have to pay attention when editing it later on. However, doing a mass recalculation would be a nightmare to fix. We would have to check thousands of records one by one to see if something was changed from it.

I don’t want any button or function to be removed, just a confirmation step similar to the optional one for action buttons where it says something like “are you sure you want to use this button?” and then they have a chance to cancel.

I hope this helps!

Hi Alaina,

We will add a confirm message for executing formulas recalculation to all saved records. I’ll let you know once it’s online.

Thank you. Not sure if it’s officially live yet, but I saw that the messages are functioning. Are you able to make it optional? I don’t need it for applying a formula to a single field, and this adds an extra step. And are you able to put a title on the other one so they know what button they clicked?

We’re not able to make it optional for now. But we do find it a bit safer with the confirm message.

I understand. Can you put a title for each of the messages so I can differentiate between the two to make sure the wrong one wasn’t pressed?

Hi Alaina,

We just realized that the confirm message of these two action buttons has been added for a while already actually. But yes, we can add the action button title to the message to help users recognize it correctly.

Hi Alaina,

We just updated the confirmation message. Let us know if you have any further questions.

Thank you so much! I appreciate everyone’s time :slight_smile:

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