Apple not working


I am able to edit/add records and save with any android phone. However, on Apple phone I can edit/add records but can not save. I get following error:
Must enter Date to be valid…


From the description, it seems that the “Start Date” field has been configured with “Not Empty” feature. Have you configured any default value or the field value needs to be input manually?


Set to “not empty” and defaulted to “TODAY()” but sometimes it is manually changed.



For the issue, would you mind to send a ticket to via the “Need Help?” at the upper right corner of your database? Besides, please kindly share the version of your Ragic App and mobile operating system so that we could test under your working environment.


I was able to resolve issue. I changed default setting from TODAY() to $DATE and everything is working fine. Thanks for your question and concern, it help me focus in on the problem area.