API - Post

I am not very good at tech myself.
I am looking for help from someone who can create an API post from a specific database into XML format and have it posted into a different website.

From doing my research, I believe it should be possible to create a JS Workflow to complete this, but I am very new to the whole process.
happy to send someone the schema I have been provided by the other site, this should help in creating the API post.

Really need some help.

you could take a look at Zapier for this kind of scenario. You are looking to post data from Ragic into what other system?

I had some success sending info to Synology Chat API with Installed sheet scope Javascript.
Maybe you can go from here.
Which website in particular that you are trying to post the XML to? Is it any service widely available to the public?

Example: of the JavaScript below:

function runUrl() {
//util.postURL(String urlstring,String postBody) Calls an URL with POST method.
//util.setHeader(String name,String value) Sets an HTTP header that will be used in subsequent URL calls.
util.setHeader(“Content-Type”, “application/json”) //Sets an HTTP header that will be used in subsequent URL calls.
var url = ‘https://…/direct/chat/webapi/entry.cgi’;
var data = ‘api=SYNO.Chat.External&method=incoming&version=2&token=…&payload={“text”:“Ragic Image Test: runUrl()”}’;
util.postURL(url, data);