anyone else having problems with API today?

I’m getting an API error out of Ragic this morning:

{“status”:“ERROR”,“msg”:“This sheet is access right protected. You will need to provide an API key of a user who has access right to this sheet in your request to access this sheet. You are currently accessing as: guest account”,“code”:106}

It’s happening on multiple different sheets and get same response.

I’ve also tried generating a new API token a couple of times but get the same response.

update in case someone else is looking, there was a server change over the weekend, needed to use “na4” now instead of “na3” in my API call

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Usually our IT staff will notify the client before moving the Ragic database account to another server, could you please check if you receive the email from my colleague, Emily last week?

And seems that the error message should not be related to the server location change, usually the API call result will be automatically redirected. It would be helpful for us to investigate the issue you encounter if you can submit a ticket from “Need Help” at upper right corner in your database account > Support Ticket, filling with full information for our team to look into with.