And / or filtering

On the “List View” of a sheet, it is possible to use criteria to filter a list and then save the preselected filters as required.

I’ve run into several instances (especially when using check boxes to control data) where and/or operators are needed to filter the recordset as required. This then negates the need for additional personal/ shared filters or multiple versions, allowing me to set a more accurate all encompassing “Fixed Filter”.

Is this possible?


Are you asking about a more complex filter, other than what you can create with all of the fields in the sidebar?


If you want to filter with a more complex filter, would you mind to try filter with regular expression?


Consider the following basic example to extend on my initial feature request:

Two check boxes with ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ values. Applying a ‘Fixed Filter’ to display records where either one of the check boxes are set to ‘Yes’ without additional data manipulation or mass updates.

I can work around such issues by adding an additional field and either applying a mass update or possibly using a calculated field, but it’s not practical ongoing where similar, but more complex filtering is required.

Obviously, I could apply the filters seperately, but where I have mass users with different access permissions and skill set, it’s only a barrier to userbility to have to train them on applying or using multiple separate filters. Also, I want to sort all records by date descending which is not possible over to separate filters.


Hi Shane,

OK. I understand what you mean. Our development team will discuss this and see if we can come up with some type of support for OR operators without implementing complex support for parenthesis.


Thank you, I would be able to utilize this as well.

My current solution, as I have just recently had the need for this, is to create a field in the form view that will run the and/or formulas which I will then use in the list view with a filter.

I believe this feature has been implemented? … works great thanks!

@shane.williams @alaina
Yes, this feature has been implemented that you can click the “bulleted list icon” next to the query fields to open the advance setting for it:

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