Am i going about this the right way ?

I have set up a customer contact form which works like this:

Customer calls to report a fault. The call is logged , name, time and date, fault reported, discussion had with customer and whether the case resolved or not.
If the case is not resolved it is marked as such. Lets say we call the same customer again about the same fault. As it stands we create a new contact entry with the customer and enter the same details as above. We may possibly have a number of these entries before the problem is finally resolved.
At this point we would then have to go back through all the entries relating to this issue and mark them resolved.
This is my question:
What is the best way of approaching this problem?
Ideally i would like to just have one record per issue, which we can update with contact times etc.
Alternatively is there a way to connect the separate entries and mark them all complete at once.
I hope this makes sense.


I would suggest creating a chain of reference subtable or create new sheet from subtable relations for your case.

For example, if you have a customer sheet and a fault issue sheet already, on your fault issue sheet, you may select to link & load to the customer sheet. And then on the customer sheet, you can create a reference subtable which will populate all the fault issues under each respective customer.

Furthermore, if you like to record a log for the repair of each fault issue record, you can create a subtable under the fault issue sheet and record fields such as date, status, repair person, etc. If needed, you may also create a new sheet from this subtable to have each log record processed individually.

By doing the above, all your customer data will be an individual record with all their fault issues recorded in the subtable, all fault issues record will also have the repair log in its subtable, and the repair log can also be its own individual record on the new sheet created from the subtable. In addition, all the data on the three sheets will be in sync.