Alt View/ V-Look-Up or something required?

Hi guys (Jeff/Team),
I’m including another feature here in my real-estate database. I intend to include a rental price separately from any display price, for any listings for sale as well as for rent. I would like to do this as the local Real-estate association’s website (one that I would like to link too in the future) lists properties as such.

However the difficulty I am having with this is as follows. A property both for sale and rent will be, firstly listed twice in the db, separately, once for sale and another time for rent. However the listing FOR SALE will have the rental listing information include in it, for purpose mentioned above.

However, again, I now need to create a separate new sheet for AREA ( the local Real-estate association) as mentioned. I will firstly …use a new Market Status field that will differ from the original field in that it will say “FOR SALE & RENT” for those listing that are both for sale and rent, instead of just FOR SALE!

Secondly, I need to separate out in this new sheet all duplications, so that any listings FOR RENT, whose information already appears in a corresponding listing FOR SALE & RENT, no longer appears, in the new sheet. This guys is where I am getting difficulty! Not sure how to do this/can’t see a way!

Let me know if you have suggestion!

I seem to think that/found that using custom views will not suffice for doing this…I am thinking some sort of look-up and some additional fields/columns with formulas (like in excel) would be useful for doing this!

Looking forward to hearing back!