Allowing outside webpage embedding or iframe capabilities

There are some situations that it would be great to be able to use Ragic to pass information to other services and return results as they appear coming from these other sources. An example would be a larger scale reporting system sitting on top of more data than what is sitting in Ragic. The ability to use Ragic to call this service and display more customized information would be great.

This sounds like something that can be accomplished by using the “Publish to the Web” feature:

Most reporting software can take Excel or CSV feed as its data source and create reports on these reporting software. Are you referring to this type of reporting integrations?

The goal is to bring outside web data into ragic such as a 3rd party report writer. An example would be having a database to large to store in ragic that criteria could be provide through ragic and a security token passed by ragic, but allowing much more customized control.