Aggregating Totals to Subtable


I have a Purchase Order sheet with products on the subtable and a Convert to Record button to basically pass the information to Incoming Orders sheet to warehouse staff. The subtable consists of Product ID, Product Name, Qty, and Qty Received. What I want to do is create a sheet (Receiving Shipment) to record the actual Qty Received and then the Incoming Orders would accumulate the numbers and show on the Incoming Order subtable. For example, Product Order has Product A with QTY at 10, it passes to Incoming Orders, and then a user would use Receiving Shipment to record the actual receiving QTY (let’s say 8), the Incoming Orders would show Product A has QTY of 10, Received QTY at 8. When the next shipment comes, the Receiving Shipment would record Received QTY at 2, Incoming Order would show QTY 10, Received QTY 10.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get this to work?

Thanks in advance


If you only need to record the information, I recommend using the “Multiple Versions” feature. Please create a multiple versions sheet on the Incoming Orders sheet. In different versions of the sheet, you can customize and modify the field names as needed and decide which fields to display on each form.

Thank you.


I’m not sure what part of your setup is giving you trouble, however, to get data from one sheet to another the feature you use is Link and Load, then you can add or subtract as necessary with the values already present in the related sheet.

If you have not yet used Link & Load see here…
Link & Load (

Hope this helps!