Aggregate field

How often does an aggregate field recalculate?

I’ve had issues with AGGREGATE in the past and I don’t think it has ever been solved. You’re better off creating a subtable and using a formula SUMIFS.

Could you show me the aggregate field configuration in the design mode that’s not calculating? Perhaps there’s something the development team can do to make this work simpler.

As for the documentation of aggregate field, please see:

I’ve opened a ticket in the past and I’ve had two updates from the team to say developers are still working on it. I just checked now and AGGREGATE does not work for me as reliably as SUMIF/S. There are some calculation differences.

Please DM me and I will be happy to share with you the ticket details and some screenshots to show the exact issue.

OK. DMed.

I find that summing subtables does not always recalculate if the change is on another sheet. Turning on “Recalculate all formulas on related sheets” helps, but I worry the system can’t handle the load. I’ve found that AGGREGATE fields usually work in the end, but it’s unclear how often the system recalculates them.

We’ve been able to identify a possible cause for the aggregate field not executing in some cases, and we will be rolling out a fix on this no later than the end of August (probably on the update next week).

Thank you for reporting this issue and we do really hope aggregate fields can provide a simpler way to design your application. This way designers don’t need to create complex formulas and formula recalculations just to have these summary numbers.

We’ve just issued an update on our aggregate field. Please do let us know if in any case the aggregate field is not working as expected. Thanks!