Age calculation - formating numbers - rounding

Hi there,

here is a simple question : I used the right formula to calculate the age from a birthday date.
The result, although a integer, is rounded.
In other words, if the result is 52,946, it becomes 53 while it should be 52 until you reach your birthday anniversary…

Thank you


You may use ROUNDDOWN() to tune your calculated result:

Thank you Angie. Is there a URL where I could find the language used in Ragic? with examples? Thanks again


Are you referring to UI languages? Ragic currently supports English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Japanese, and Spanish. If you would like other custom UI translations, please refer to this document.

Hi Angie, just a related question about age calculation : is it possible to use two formulæ in the same cell or field? like in this case (1) age calculation + (2) Rounddown?
Or is it necessary to hide the calculation cell?

Thanks again


Sure, applying formulas like ROUNDDOWN((TODAYTZ()-A1)/365.25,0) to a numeric field could work.

Thanks Angie, I will give it a try!

It works fine!
Thanks again